How to photograph FunkoPOP

How to photograph FunkoPOP with 10 tips

Wether you are just starting your collection or you are an advanced collector: you would like to show off your collection with nice photographs! So where to start? Below i’ll give you 10 tips on how to make photograph FunkoPOP!


Photograph FunkoPOP1. Outside vs. Inside

It’s better to photograph FunkoPOP outside, because you have natural light. If it’s not possible due to weather, make sure allot of natural light enters your room, so the colors appear as good as they are in real life. When you have to use a light (in the evening), than make sure it’s white light and not yellowish. To prevent shadows, place spotlights from different angles.

Photograph FunkoPOP2. Place your FunkoPOP in the foreground

If you photograph FunkoPOP in the garden in front of a rose bush. Make sure you place the pop further away from the rose bush, so that the distance between the pop and the background is bigger than usual. This makes the background even more blurred when you take the photo and so the focus is even more on the pop itself.

Photograph FunkoPOP3. Focus on your FunkoPOP!

Even with a simple iPhone you can still make gorgeous photos. Tap your finger on the screen, to make sure you focus on your pop and not your background. That way the background will be even more blurred, and this makes the pop even stand out more.

Photograph FunkoPOP4. Choose an interesting angle

Photographing from the front works most of the time. However when you have a row of pops, you can also photograph FunkoPOP from the left or right side. That way your focus is on the first pop. The other pops will have less focus, depending on how far away they are from the first pop.

Photograph FunkoPOP5. Tilt your camera

Tilt your camera/iPhone to give it more of an angle to the photo. This makes the photo even more interesting than it already is. Sometimes this is also a little trick, to make something in the background fit within the photo. For example this text “Love is all you need” would not have fit if I took the photo without an angle. Now it fits perfectly, because Dumbo could be placed in the corner of the image, therefor there’s more room in the upper left corner.

Photograph FunkoPOP6. Use a background that fits the theme

Want to make a dreamy picture? Use soft pastels or a blanket as background. Want to give it more of an edge? Use a metal / rustic background. If you use loads of colors or materials in the background, than make sure it’s blurred allot. When there’s too much to see, you won’t be able to focus on the pop.

Photograph FunkoPOP7. Place your pop on a prop

Nice catchy one 😉 Place your pop on a prop, for example a stool or table. This way you are able to photograph it better, then when it’s on the ground. Plus you have the materials/structure from the stool/table to work with, that adds an extra dimension to the photo.

Photograph FunkoPOP8. Think small, be small

FunkoPOP! are small figurines. So when photographing them, pretend that you are as small as they are. Photograph from the same height as the pop itself. This gives it the illusion that the pop is really big. Kind of the feeling you have when watching the movie “A Bug’s Life” by Disney. When using a stool or table, this will be easier. If you sit down, you can even rest your camera on your knees, to make sure it takes a more steady shot.

Photograph FunkoPOP9. Ready, steady, go!

A sharp picture starts with a steady hand. If you are not that lucky, then use your knees (explained at no. 8) to rest your camera/iPhone on. Otherwise use a tripod. Small ones are available in most warehouses. Since you don’t need that much height, a really simple version of these would do.

And last but not least …

Photograph FunkoPOP10. Use your imagination

Add objects to the photo, that complement the theme. Can be really simple, like a coffee cup, because of the coffee addiction theme throughout the series (Gilmore Girls). Or you can add really tiny objects. Such as cupcakes, glitters, books and flowers. Even if the objects have nothing to do with the theme, they can contribute by being a certain color or shape. For example the Dumbo picture used at no. 5 Tilt your camera. It adds white to the photo, but has nothing to do with the actual theme. It just suits the dreamy, romantic look I was going for.

Ready for your shot? Now you have 10 great tips on how to photograph your FunkoPOP! Go go go! I’m curious to see the results, so make sure to leave a comment.

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