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10 reasons why Cluse should be your next watch

Looking for a nice addition to your watch collection? Then look no further! CLUSE is the brand you should own. Classy watches, with plenty of colors and materials to choose from. I’ve bought my first CLUSE watch in November 2015, and purchased my second last October. They are a great investment, as they fit every outfit you can image.

So why should you own one right now you ask? Let me tell you with these 10 reasons why.

1. Interchangeable straps

Each timepiece has interchangeable straps in leather and stainless steel. The leather straps come in stitched and non-stitched versions. All straps are easily removable, however not all straps can be used on all watches. So check carefully beforehand, which type of strap you might need for your watch. The stainless steel straps can be easily adjusted to the correct length you need. No need to go to a jeweler for that! From Flamingo, Retro Blue to Nude and more. Even the color of the hardware on the strap itself can be chosen: silver, gold, black or rose-gold.

2. Timeless and classy design

Not too many details, but that makes the design so unique and sophisticated. Timeless and classy, a watch that suits every outfit. The dial plate has different color variations to choose from, from eggshell white to marble color. The watches are available in five unique designs: La Bohème, La Roche, La Vedette, Minuit and Pavane. La Roche has no marking on the dial plate, in which La Vedette and Minuit have the roman number 12 on it in combination with little stripes marking each hour. La Bohème has no numbers, only stripes.

3. Wide color range

CLUSE has made a wide color range of straps, clasps and cases. Most colors come in different variations: gold, black, rose-gold and silver. This way you can mix and match different styles. I myself have a rose-gold case, silver mesh strap with rose-gold clasps. A brilliant combination (if I might say so myself)!

4. Great investment piece

The material they used is stainless steel. The watch starts at €89,95 ($103,00) which is not cheap, but therefor this is a great investment piece as the watch itself will never go out of style. Instead you can already buy an additional strap for €29,95 ($35,00) so you can easily upgrade your look with a different color, without having to buy a whole new watch.

5. Unique packaging

Each watch will be packed within a leather wallet. This can be either a brown one or a grey one, depending on which collection you have ordered from. It’s a really nice addition to the purchase if you ask me. You will also get a clear instruction how to adjust the stainless steel strap.

6. Gift sets with discount

They often have gift sets available that contain two straps and the watch itself. Only in specific colors available, however it saves you €20,00 in total. You almost get the additional strap for free. There might be something there for you that you might like: check out the gift sets!

7. Two years warranty

All CLUSE watches come with a 2 year warranty on the movement of the watch. This means that the warranty relates only to the movement, but not to other parts such as the glass, the strap or the crown.

8. Easy to order at Cluse webshop

CLUSE offers payment through paypal and credit card, but also iDeal, Afterpay, MisterCash, Adyen, UPS and Bancontact. So no worries with international payments, they offer prices on their website in euro’s, pounds and dollars.

9. Free Word Wide Delivery

Free world wide delivery to almost every country. You can only expect import duties if you are outside the European Union. For more information on this subject, see their website

And last but not least …

10. CLUSE watches: a brand you must own within your collection

must-have for thé fashionista! I can’t think of a better reason than this. Almost everywhere I go, I still get compliments when I wear my CLUSE watch. Most of them that compliment me, have not heard of the brand before. While CLUSE is actually really well known within their target-group. You can check out their social media channels to see the awesome instagram posts they get from their followers. It’s also great for inspiration, on how to wear your watch.

Are you convinced? Then order your CLUSE watch now!

All prices in this article are based on EU prices. Price in dollar can vary, depending on the current exchange rate.